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Driving, when applied to horses, ponies, mules, or donkeys, is a broad term for hitching equines to a wagon, carriage, cart, sleigh, or other horse-drawn vehicle by means of a harness and working them in this way. It encompasses a wide range of activities from pleasure driving, to harness racing, to farm work, horse shows, and even international combined driving competition.

For many, driving can be simply in an arena or around the pasture. For others, it may mean driving on quiet backroads, or really roughing it out on the trails. Some may choose to try their hand at driving through town. In many cities or towns, in order to give "rides" on your carriage, you need to be licensed and be insured.

Alberta Carriage Driving Association

One of our club members, the Alberta Carriage Driving Association (ACDA), is dedicated to promoting the equestrian discipline of carriage driving and the growing sport of combined driving.

They host numerous events around the province and welcome all levels of drivers and equine breeds. If you would like to learn more, contact the Alberta Carriage Driving Association.

Individual Memberships
Starting at $55