Coaching / LTED and EC NCCP Levels of Certification

LTED and EC NCCP Levels of Certification

Long-Term Equestrian Development (LTED) was developed not only for building successful high-performance athletes, but also to ensure the highest quality riding experience for every person who engages in equestrian sport, including riders with disabilities.

There are four contexts for equestrians included in LTED: Instructor, Competition Coach, Competition Coach Specialist, and Competition Development (High Performance 1).


Instructors are the base and most important context for all sports and

  • introduce skills for those starting in the sport
  • do not take riders to competitions.

Disciplines available: Drive, English, Saddle-Seat, and Western

Competition Coach

The purpose of the competition coach context is to:

  • Improve riders’ skills
  • Introduce riders to the competition environment
  • May take riders to provincial or national level competition

Disciplines available: English and Western

Competition Coach Specialist

The purpose of the competition coach specialist context is to:

  • Consolidate riders’ skills
  • Discipline-specific competitions
  • An introduction for Young Riders to the international level

Disciplines available: English (Dressage, Jumping, or Eventing) and Western (Reining, Speed Events, or General Performance).

Competition Development (High Performance 1)

Equestrian Canada is responsible for assisting candidates for the High-Performance 1 context. Please contact EC directly at for more information. The purpose of this context is to:

  • Riders hone skills
  • Focus on Discipline-specific competitions
    • FEI level
    • Must follow performance programs and schedule

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