Membership / Adult & Youth Membership FAQs

Adult & Youth Membership FAQs

The most common memberships are Individual Adult and Individual Youth. These come with significant benefits and are recommended for anyone who spends time around horses.

  • Individual Adult Membership is $65/year and available to anyone 18 and over on January 1. That’s a smoking deal at only 18 cents per day!
  • Individual Youth Membership is $55 annually and available to anyone 17 and under on January 1. That’s another smoking deal at only 15 cents per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Acera Insurance Services Ltd. is a licensed insurance broker and administrator for the member insurance program. Consequently, any and all inquiries related to the insurance program must be directed to Acera Insurance Services Ltd.
Any equine activity from which you generate an income. This could include horses used on trail rides for the public, sleigh rides for the public, pack trips for the public, and stallions used for breeding. Receiving shared expenses for the occasional transportation of someone’s horse is not considered commercial use.
Because of the inherent risks associated with the activity, we strongly recommend that anyone and everyone who rides your horse obtain and maintain membership in your provincial equine association to take advantage of the insurance benefits provided. This is a prudent risk management practice.
If there is any compensation or commercial transaction involved (presumed or otherwise) no liability insurance coverage will be provided. We recommend that all persons offering instruction obtain certification and appropriate insurance to protect themselves for claims arising from this activity.
If you receive any value in excess of your actual expenses it is considered commercial use and your policy will not respond.
Your home insurance may be limited. Many companies restrict coverage to your premises and do not cover riding activities off premises or at shows. Most also charge an additional premium. Membership includes $5,000,000 liability on all your horses, with no premises restriction.
Yes—a $1,000 deductible applies, but only on claims for damage to property belonging to others.
There is no problem in the case described as this situation does not represent an activity for profit.
No. The insurance protects you for your legal responsibility in the death of someone else’s horse—not your own horse—and the coverage is limited per horse and per accident.
The actual amount paid is established by an insurance adjuster using all available information from the equine industry at large concerning acceptable practices in establishing the value of a horse. ($10,000 per horse and $50,000 per accident are the maximums paid under the transportation section).
Yes. If your principal residence is in Canada, this insurance is world wide coverage.
Are both parties members? If so, the injured person may have coverage under the automatic AD&D through their membership (as described in the policy wording). The owner of the horse has coverage if the injured rider sues for bodily injury.
No. They must arrange their own coverage for this and the other liability exposures on their own premises.
Yes and no (depending on the options purchased). The automatic liability insurance covers you if your horse causes injury or damage to another person, resulting in a law suit. If you also purchased the optional ‘Equi-Care’ insurance (full mortality coverage) or the optional Member's Named Perils (basic coverage), then you may have insurance covering the death of your own horse.
Coverage for non-residents is limited to claims that occur while participating in “approved” equine activities within Canada. The coverage will not extend to claims made or brought outside of Canada.

Individual Memberships
Starting at $55