There are numerous projects and undertakings we have been able to accomplish over the years for the Alberta Equine Community, due to extremely generous donations from individuals and businesses.

We are always in need of donations to help us continue with these important ongoing support programs for our equines and those that need it most. Please consider a donation to one or more of the following.

Equine/Horse Emergency Disaster Fund

During the flood of 2013, we stepped up to help equine owners and livestock; during the 2016 Fort McMurray fires, we initiated fundraising efforts to raise money for hay, feed and transportation of equines to new locations. In 2017, we raised funds to purchase and donate a fully equipped Emergency Livestock Handling Equipment Trailer. During the pandemic in 2020-2021, we initiated fundraising efforts to provide UFA gift cards for feed to those that were unable to feed their equines.

In 2022, we set aside $50,000 into a reserve fund for future disasters that affect our herd. We need your help to grow this fund.

Should you wish donate $50 or more toward growing this fund and would like to receive a tax receipt you must complete this form, select the category ‘equine livestock support’ and submit the form with payment directly to the Alberta Government.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships and Bursaries provide an opportunity for many people to earn an education. Without assistance from an outside source, many students may have trouble paying for the education they need in order to enter the workforce and become contributing members of our equine community.

Donations to the scholarship fund support AEF members pursuing or continuing post-secondary education in an equine related area of study.

Trail Supporter Fund

Support development, maintenance, and improvement of Alberta trails.

Donations to the trail supporter fund provide support to clubs or business members who have researched and planned a specific project related to the construction and/or maintenance of an equestrian trail, trailhead, or horse camping site in Alberta for public use. Just a few dollars can make a huge difference in helping to build and improve Alberta’s equestrian trails. If you like to explore new trails, or plan to in the future, help make Alberta the best place on Earth to ride.

Did You Know?: It costs approximately $3000 per 1 km to build new trails!


A general donation will support the programs and services that need it most and are made available to all members to benefit equine and equestrian activities in Alberta. Thank you for considering a donation to the AEF; there are many ways you can invest in the health and well-being of all equines through the AEF.

Donate to AEF.

How to Donate

Donations can be made with your membership, by mail or calling the AEF office at 403-253-4411. If you would like to donate in honour of someone, please let us know.

Taxable Receipts through the Alberta Government

We are a registered nonprofit, not a registered charitable organization, therefore we are unable to issue tax receipts. In order to receive a tax receipt for donations of $50 or more, complete this form or donate online (select "Event Support" under Activity Type in the donate online form to ensure it is allocated to equine support), and submit payment directly to the Alberta Government. These donations are directed to us generally within 6 to 8 weeks.

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