Membership / Adult & Youth Membership

Adult & Youth Membership

The most common memberships are Individual Adult and Individual Youth. These come with significant benefits and are recommended for anyone who spends time around horses.

  • Individual Adult Membership is $65/year and available to anyone 18 and over on January 1. That’s a smoking deal at only 18 cents per day!
  • Individual Youth Membership is $55 annually and available to anyone 17 and under on January 1. That’s another smoking deal at only 15 cents per day.

Memberships can be purchased online within minutes at


Available to individuals who are attending provincial events and pursuing professional or educational development.

There are two application periods for general funding.

  • Applications are accepted between January 1 and April 30 of each year; successful applicants will be notified by May 31
  • Applications are accepted between June 1 and September 30 of each year; successful applicants will be notified by October 31

Apply For Funding

Referral Credits

Refer brand new members to the AEF and receive a credit of $5 per referral. Credits go toward the cost of the next calendar year’s membership.

To receive referral credits, the new member must submit your last name along with your AEF membership number when signing up.

Additional Benefits

Benefits included with these memberships continue to grow. Here are some of the perks of being a member of the AEF. Click any benefit below to read more.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Acera Insurance Services Ltd. is a licensed insurance broker and administrator for the member insurance program. Consequently, any and all inquiries related to the insurance program must be directed to Acera Insurance Services Ltd.
Any equine activity from which you generate an income. This could include horses used on trail rides for the public, sleigh rides for the public, pack trips for the public, and stallions used for breeding. Receiving shared expenses for the occasional transportation of someone’s horse is not considered commercial use.
Because of the inherent risks associated with the activity, we strongly recommend that anyone and everyone who rides your horse obtain and maintain membership in your provincial equine association to take advantage of the insurance benefits provided. This is a prudent risk management practice.

Individual Memberships
Starting at $55