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Annual Awards

Annual Provincial Awards honour outstanding deserving members' achievements within Alberta’s equine community. These awards acknowledge those who stand out and have made a positive impact on the equestrian community.

This is your chance to recognize a hard-working individual who has gone above and beyond to make the equestrian community a truly special place.

Award winners are recognized at our annual Stride With UsStride With Us awards gala and banquet each spring.

Nominations open in the fall. Watch for notifications.

Nomination Categories

The successful recipients for each award category will exemplify the characteristics defined within the respective award criteria listed below. Members may be recognized for an outstanding achievement or for continual outstanding contributions within the community. The selection committee encourages those submitting nominations, to include as much detail as possible to define the impact made.

Recipients are presented with their awards at our annual banquet - Stride With Us.

Outstanding Instructor/Coach

The recipient of this award is a current Equestrian Canada National Certified Coach (NCCP) or instructor. This individual demonstrates exceptional ability to mentor students, leading by example and teaching in a positive and informative light. They embrace continuing education with great importance and empower others to learn and grow in a safe manner. This individual is ethical and prioritizes equine welfare and the humane treatment of horses. They continuously strive for what is best for horse and rider and value the feedback of others. They focus on the complete development of their athletes (both horse and rider) at all times. Nominees are recognized for their contribution to equine sport and activity as an instructor/coach, whether their students are recreational or competitive.

Sportsmanship Excellence Award

This individual’s character best exemplifies the definition of sportsmanship. Their conduct and attitude benefit all participants in sport. They value fair play, exhibit courteous behaviour, put the horse’s welfare first, and show a determined spirit and graciousness in victory or defeat. The individual maintains a positive attitude while showing support for fellow riders. They treat officials and competitors with respect, even when faced with challenging outcomes. They demonstrate cooperation and respect in dealing with their instructor/coach. This recipient is committed to “doing what is right”. They are selfless and committed to positive overall performance whether individually or as part of a team.

Outstanding Athlete/Rider

This individual exhibits an unwavering ambition, positive attitude and determination toward their activity. They set personal goals and strive hard to achieve them, taking setbacks in stride. They dedicate time with their equine partners and show a well-rounded interest in the daily care and responsibility of riding and/or owning a horse. They treat others, including their equine partner, with the utmost respect and love. This individual not only enjoys, but takes great pride in their activity. They exhibit a high level of commitment to both practice and competition schedule. This award recognizes outstanding athletic performance by an athlete involved in competition.

Outstanding Volunteer

This award is designed to honour an individual who has contributed selflessly at an extraordinary level of dedication to benefit the equine industry. This individual is incredible to work with as they exude energy and approach tasks with enthusiasm, professionalism and commitment. They are reliable, positive, honest, and flexible. This individual is a team player and can breathe life into even the most mundane of tasks. They bring value to their volunteer position. The recipient does not necessarily need to be involved with equines on a regular basis, but rather may have contributed a significant impact to the equestrian community.

Outstanding Equine Support Personnel

This individual has consistently supported equine and human athletes alike and the care and welfare of equines in general. They are vital to the success of a stable (facility) and/or horse and rider team; they are reliable, supportive, professional, positive, and knowledgeable in their role. They display the utmost respect for keeping equines healthy and happy at all times. They are proactive and educated in the horse industry. They are a joy to have around the barn and/or competition; without this individual the facility or event(s) would not run the same. Recipients in this category may hold positions such as groom, stable-hand, farrier, massage therapist, veterinarian, etc. They are recognized for their contributions to the overall success of the community by demonstrating extraordinary horsemanship or horse industry skills.

Outstanding Stable/Facility

The recipient of this award is a current stable/facility member of the AEF. They uphold the highest standard of horse care and welfare at all times in and around their property. Safety of horse and rider is always the number one priority. Maintenance and upkeep of the stable/facility is impeccable. They treat their clients with the utmost respect and communicate in a clear and appropriate manner. They employ knowledgeable staff and foster a safe and positive environment. They apply fair business ethics, ideal risk management protocols and exemplify best practices for riding and horse care. Their property is clean and safe for both horse and rider, and adheres to biosecurity protocols. The recipient of this award is being recognized for demonstrating excellence in horse welfare, and providing an outstanding environment.

Outstanding Horse

This award is a designation given to an equine (horse, pony, donkey, mule, etc.), regardless of age, who has accomplished an extraordinary achievement within their respective discipline/activity. This animal has made a significant impact on the equine community by doing something “above and beyond," or has overcome many challenges in a particular situation. The recipient does not necessarily need to be involved in competition--perhaps a school horse who has made an impact on many riders’ lives in a special way, accomplished an incredible goal, overcome incredible odds, stands out from other equines, or achieved top results in competition. The equine must reside in Alberta at the time of nomination. For this award category, be sure to identify the current owner of the equine being nominated as well as provide their contact information.

Above and Beyond Excellence Award

This individual demonstrates outstanding performance and has made a significant contribution to benefit the industry. They are considered an exceptional member of the equine community and demonstrate a high level of commitment, initiative, cooperation and dedication that reinforces the values of the AEF. The recipient of this award demonstrates excellence and teamwork, and goes above and beyond expectations. The recipient does not necessarily need to be involved with horses on a regular basis, but may have contributed a significant impact to the equestrian community in Alberta.

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