Membership / Insurance


Each individual adult and youth membership comes with automatic insurance and options to purchase add-on insurance products. Member insurance is provided by Acera Insurance.


With wildfires burning in several regions in the province, Acera Insurance is obliged to advise that no new insurance coverage can be placed when an active wildfire is less than 50 kms away. This includes optional coverage for Tack and Members Named Perils. If you have questions about the insurance coverage, please contact your Acera Insurance Equine Specialists at 1-800-670-1877 directly.

Automatic Insurance

Each individual membership includes the following automatic insurance:

Optional Add-On Insurance Products

The following insurance products can be added to any individual membership at time of purchase, or added throughout the year.

To purchase additional Add-On Insurance, please access your membership through

The Important Stuff

Insurance coverage included and/or available as an option with an AEF membership is provided through Acera Insurance Services Ltd. Any and all enquiries related to insurance MUST BE directed to Acera at 1-800-670-1877 (equine department). AEF is not licensed to sell or provide counsel on insurance coverage.

We are unable to upgrade or make changes to memberships after purchase, select your membership carefully. Please call us if you are not sure which membership is right for you at 403-253-4411 or 1-877-463-6233.


The member liability coverage that is included with a membership is only available for non-Canadian residents while participating at an AEF sanctioned event or at an AEF club member event. Enquiries must be directed to Acera at 1-800-670-1877.

Quebec Residents: Please contact Cheval Quebec for your membership/insurance needs.

Individual Memberships
Starting at $55