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Provincial Officials

The program provides interested individuals the opportunity to start their career as an official by working towards attaining a provincially recognized card in their chosen discipline(s). It also serves as a stepping stone for those who wish to move further and gain professional accreditation as a judge with Equestrian Canada (EC).

Reasons to Become a Provincial Official

Do you like supporting and encouraging grassroots level competitors? Do you have some competition experience in your chosen discipline(s)? Officials are an important part of equestrian sport – consider becoming an AEF carded provincial official.

Reasons to become an accredited AEF Provincial Official:

  • Make a Difference: Support Alberta’s emerging athletes and our grassroots competitors in a fun, relaxed and safe competitive environment;
  • Stepping Stone: Provincial accreditation is a great introduction to officiating, which can open the door to further certification with EC and beyond;
  • Training: Training clinics will be offered (on an as needed basis) right here in Alberta.
  • Promotion: Provincial officials are listed on the AEF website through our directories. Anyone inquiring about finding an official is directed to this page;
  • Insurance Discounts: Acera Insurance offers preferred rates to AEF Provincial Officials;
  • No Restrictions: An AEF Provincial Official may officiate at unsanctioned competitions and may hold multiple cards with other equestrian organizers.

Designation as a licensed official is a privilege bestowed to individuals whose equine expertise and personal character merit the honor. The individual’s conduct as a member and as an official must be exemplary and is subject to review. All officials are expected to be proficient in their respective divisions and to possess a thorough knowledge of the rules.

Policies Governing Provincially Approved Officials

  • Applicants must be over the age of majority (18 years and older).
  • An AEF provincially approved official is accredited only within the province of Alberta.
  • No AEF provincially approved official may directly solicit a competition for an assignment.

Officials Application ProcessClick here to learn how to become an AEF provincial official.

List of current AEF officials

Officials working at a sanctioned Wild Rose competition can submit their reports online here:

Wild Rose Competitions Page

Individual Memberships
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