New Riders

New Riders

Welcome to the wonderful world of horses!

If you or your child is a devoted horse lover perhaps it is time to begin looking for lessons. You can begin/resume horseback riding or driving programs at almost any age, working with a certified coach will help you reach your goals with skill development appropriate to your level of experience.

There are many different styles and disciplines in the equestrian world and parents of children who are not experienced in this field may feel slightly overwhelmed by all the information. Horseback riding or driving involves making informed choices, but with the help of reliable horses and qualified instructors anything is possible!

It is important to understand where to go to find information and how to get started in the safest manner.

Where to take lessons, what to look for in a facility who to connect with, how to get involved and understand what it means to work with a Nationally Certified Coach/Instructor versus non-certified, we can help you sort through this information so you can make the best decisions for yourself or your family.

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