Competition / Previously Certified Officials

Previously Certified Officials

If you would like to become an AEF Official and are already a certified official with credentials from another province or from EC, please submit the following criteria:

  • Provide AEF with a copy of your officials’ certificate (judge, course designer, etc.) and/or a copy of the letter granting you officials’ status from another Provincial/Territorial Sport Organization (P/TSO) or EC.
  • Fill out the Provincial Official Application – Recognition of Prior Training
  • Pass the written exam relevant to the credentials you have (e.g. if you are a GP Judge, then you must pass the AEF GP Exam).
  • Provide the AEF with any other documents you may have related to your officials’ status (example: reference letters, clinic attendance certificates, etc.)
  • Provide a current AEF membership number on your application.

Individual Memberships
Starting at $55