Learn to Ride/Drive / Applications


The application forms and fees should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the evaluation date. The evaluation date is subject to approval by the AEF. Be mindful that missing information may delay the processing time.

Step 1: Host Application

The Host Application should be submitted by the facility owner, barn manager, coordinator of the evaluation, or by the assessor themselves. The host is responsible for submitting the evaluation fee. The fees should be sent by e-transfer to coaching@albertaequestrian.com at $25 per certificate. Please ensure to write in the e-transfer message ‘Rider Level test fee of XX (first and last name of each rider)’.

Step 2: Rider Application

The Rider Application should be submitted by the candidate themselves.
If the rider/driver does not have a current AEF (or other PTSO) membership, the application will be denied.

Step 3: Instructor/Coach Recommendation Application

The Instructor/Coach Recommendation Application should be submitted by the candidate’s instructor/coach.

Individual Memberships
Starting at $55