Competition / Wild Rose Competition Program

Wild Rose Competition Program

Our Wild Rose Competition Program is designed for riders like you! Whether you’d like to try out a competition just to have fun and see what it’s like, you are looking for a grassroots start to build your show profile, or you enjoy routinely evaluating your equestrian skills, a Wild Rose-sanctioned event is a great way to meet your goals.

For those looking to expand their showing to a national level, check out Equestrian Canada’s competition programs.

Benefits for riders

Why should you choose a Wild Rose competition?

  • Safety: A Wild Rose sanctioned competition ensures someone other than the show organizer is responsible for overseeing the risk management for the competition.
  • Benefits: We offer cash incentives for sanctioned shows, competitors, and volunteers. Not to mention improved mental health from exercise and spending time with horses.
  • Officials: Officials preside over the competition to help maintain standards of 'play.' Wild Rose shows require validated officials, which means the judging meets a certain set of criteria.
  • Rules: These ensure everyone is playing the same game. Fair and square. And back to point number one – ensures a basic standard of safety.
  • Cost-effective: Wild Rose is grassroots, so it’s affordable for the show organizers, and that trickles up to the participants. It’s about the experience, not spending copious amounts on multiple fees and licenses.

Wild Rose shows ensure a credible and fair playing field for all participants, while still keeping the competition at a provincial, grassroots level.

Requirements for riders

AEF membership is all that is required by all exhibitors/participants/competitors.

Currently, there is no drug testing involved at this level, and no Equestrian Canada (EC) Sport Licence requirements.

Wild Rose Sanctioning Documents

Competition Application Form

Proof of Insurance Form

Guest Judging Application Form

Individual Memberships
Starting at $55