Learn to Ride/Drive / Available Disciplines

Available Disciplines

The Learn to Ride/Drive program is available for both English and Western riding disciplines, as well as driving; providing a structured and safe approach for introducing new riders/drivers to equestrian sport.

The Learn to Ride program is organized into levels:

  • Learn to Ride English Levels 1 to 10
  • Learn to Ride Western Levels 1 to 4 and Western Intermediate

The Learn to Ride/Drive program is designed to be guided by Coach Status vs. Coaching Certificationan NCCP Licensed Instructor/Coach, to ensure that concepts are clearly understood before the rider progresses to more challenging levels. The program provides an opportunity for riders to progress, demonstrating their skills through a series of increasingly complex written tests, interviews, and under-saddle flat and jump (when applicable) tests.

Individual Memberships
Starting at $55