We administer the Equestrian Canada (EC) National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). The goal of this program is to ensure that the equestrian experience remains safe and enjoyable for all participants, horse and human, and to develop excellence in horsemanship.

For those interested in becoming certified, it is very important, for safety, credibility, and quality reasons, to work with an NCCP-certified and licensed instructor/coach.

Because there are many types of unregulated coaching certifications, there are many coaches and instructors who believe, and will tell you, they are certified. But how do you know they are indeed NCCP certified? We maintain a current coach/instructor directory and we will only promote NCCP certified and licensed coaches and instructors.

As an athlete or parent, we recommend working with an EC NCCP certified and licensed instructor or coach. We will help you find one.

If you are interested in becoming an EC NCCP coach or instructor, we can help you with that as well.

There is a difference between being NCCP certified and being EC licensed. In the coaching section, we help explain and breakdown the differences.

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