View of a dressage ring letters V and L at ground level between a bay horse's legs. Horse is trotting down the long side.

Wild Rose Competition Program

Wild Rose competitions are provincial-level competitions and shows for the Alberta equestrian community. The program offers the structure to maintain fair, safe, credible, and affordable competitions and shows.

Competitions, often called horse shows, are evaluations or tests for riders. Like all competitive sport, horse shows abide by a set of rules enforced for fair play and safety. For some it’s a way to validate skills and receive feedback, and for others it’s a structured, social outing with their equine partner. Depending on the level of competition and the discipline, a competition can be a casual event, or a high-level function with multiple factors at stake.

Entering a competition is a great way to have fun with your horse while evaluating or validating your riding and horse handling skills. It can be a part of your goal-setting process.

In Alberta there are several levels of competition offered throughout most communities. Many shows are sanctioned by a governing body like AEF or Equestrian Canada, which means the show structure, officials, safety, and rules must meet or exceed a certain standard.

Wild Rose Competition Program
Competition / Wild Rose Competition Program
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