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Chris Irwin to Conduct Equestrian Awareness Workshop


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Mark your calendars for the return of a popular and innovative equine clinician this summer! World-renowned horseman, personal coach, and international best-selling author, Chris Irwin, will conduct the workshop "Mind Your Horse: The Evolution of Equestrian Awareness, Empathy & Refinement." The event will take place August 24 and 25 at Equine Connection in Carseland, Alta.

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The workshop promises participants a transformative experience, giving the unique opportunity to delve into advanced biodynamics, horse psychology, and personal-professional development. Irwin will share his expertise, offering a deeper understanding of horse psychology and behaviour. Featuring live demonstrations, attendees can watch and learn from real-time examples of advanced techniques.

In addition to technical skills, the workshop will foster personal and professional development, helping participants grow in both their equestrian practices and broader life skills. Whether a seasoned rider or new to the world of horses, this event is designed to offer valuable insights and practical demonstrations that will enhance the connection and communication between people and their equine partners.

The event is not discipline-specific, focusing on the broader topic of human-equine connection. All horse enthusiasts are welcome to participate in this inclusive event. A complimentary lunch will also be provided both days.

Secure your spot today by visiting Mind Your Horse Registration. Do not miss this chance to deepen your equestrian knowledge and connect with like-minded individuals. Join us at Equine Connection for a weekend of education and growth!

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