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The School of Equine Massage and Rehabilitation Therapies


Westridge Stables


$995 - $1044.75

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Learn Equine Massage from a teacher with over 30 years of massage experience. This course has been developed by the instructor, and all students will receive the full colour manual written by the instructor:
Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, CCF
In this very intensive 6-day class, you will learn equine anatomy, massage theory, the complete massage of the horse, lower limb swelling technique, colic relief, assessment of common issues and the application of soft tissue massage technique, increase circulation to the hoof, common problems, safe stretches for the horse and human and so much more.

Pre-course homework - which is available on line for all registrants - is the only prerequisite for this course.
This course is a certification course: Certified Equine Massage Therapist.
All course details are posted on web site: https://www.equinerehab.ca (https://shared.outlook.inky.com/link?domain=www.equinerehab.ca&t=h.eJxtjssOgjAURH-FdC19aAHLyl-5bS_SAAVKCQvjv9smJprobpJzMjMPsoeRtAXpY1y2lrHjOCiuu_MYsAdNDZBTQYaswKgxRCgTxi0GB77s0GKA6GbPzDwtGF3O2-2tfkyaMLOdqjprwEqtrxyaSlb6ouqzVFyCAcVEw2shOBcNrUXexbw7QRhSs7__r82e_fr3S12i4vkC7yBOGg.MEUCIQD6RYZDdrB-QTrUdPRhJtx1tbB3m7xVzc_nQ-6gFAFvRgIgMFNoExr_QISpAV7UUrNumuV5z7SF7t78TLk-SMJy75c)

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