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Saturday Morning: Beyond Groundwork

  • Rituals for truly bonding with horses
  • Frame of body equals frame of mind
  • Contact radically redefined
  • How to catch, not capture

Saturday Afternoon: Be the Horse You Want to See

  • Leading in-hand for calmness, confidence lightness and focus
  • Lunge as a shepherd for balance and suppleness
  • Long-lining: the river runs through you
  • Problem solving at the level of cause

Sunday Morning: Precision Riding

  • Ride the bend, not the arena
  • Training before schooling
  • School for self-carriage
  • Physio in the saddle

Sunday Afternoon: Your Inner Horse

  • Shift anxiety into confidence
  • The wheel of leadership
  • Embracing vulnerability
  • Your intuitive compass

Chris will coach students with horses for the demonstrations. Sign up online here to register for the workshop, or email competitions@albertaequestrian.com.

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