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Patricia (Trish) Tweddell


Dream Ride Equestrian Simulators


$189 - $210

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Trish Tweddell is a rider biomechanics coach, Equestrian Canada licensed coach, NCCP Certified Equestrian Coach, TAGteach level 2, Franklin Method Equestrian and Train your Seat coach. Trush works with riders to develop their feel, coordination, balance, and relaxation.

$210/hour simulator private session plus webinar (current AEF members receive 10% discount).

Skills learned with the simulator are easily translated to your horse. The simulator sessions are designed to allow riders to focus on their feel, update your nervous system, then take the updated sensory information back to your horse.

Trish uses Franklin Method equipment to quickly target areas of tension or inefficiency, maximizing corrections, thereby getting massive benefits from one session. Trish collaborates with riders and their coaches to get past tension and imbalances in rider postion. The simulator allows riders to calmly focus entirely on specific parts of the body. Riders become the observers and controllers of their equitation.

Individual Memberships
Starting at $55