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Welcome to the Board of Directors Portal

These resources are available to each AEF Board Member. It is up to each director to ensure they review the information contained within this portal. When necessary, updates will be made.

All items on the AEF Board Portal are confidential and not to be shared outside of the Board.

Board Governing Documents (all directors must read, review and be familiar with these documents).

Board Resources (some great tips and advice for board members)

Board Strategic Planning

Committee Terms of Reference

Finance Committee

Recreation Committee

Industry Committee

Industry Committee Objectives

Board Development

Board Governance

Task Force for Equine Emergency Funding

2023 Committee List

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This program helps non-profit organizations improve the governance of their board through training, consultation and resources. The program focuses on improving the governance of non-profit organizations through curriculum-based training for individuals and groups, and, consultation and presentation services.

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